What Makes
Benin Cashew Nuts So Special?

Beninese Cashews Are Increasingly Gaining Popularity Because Of The Following:

Benin cashews are grown and harvested without using chemicals. They are grown in eco-friendly farming environments where farmers practice excellent, organic farming practices. Benin's cashew fruit has a softer outer hulk, making it easier to de-shell and process. Cashew plantations in the country are considered a forest resource and benefit from planting safeguards and facilities.
The most critical parameter in determining the quality of a particular variety of cashews is the number of raw cashew nuts per kg. The average harvest during a typical Benin cashew season has a nut count of around 80 per kilogram, which speaks volumes about the size and quality of cashew nuts from Benin.
The KOR of Benin-grown cashew nuts is far superior to cashews from other countries in Africa. On average, Beninese cashews have a KOR value of 45 to 55 lbs per 80 kilograms. Cashew retailers from all over the planet seek out Benin cashew nuts suppliers for this very reason.
Not a lot of people are aware of the fact that Benin cashew season coincides with India's festival season, during which the demand for quality cashew nuts shoots up. The harvest time for Beninese cashews works perfectly for Indian cashew retailers who typically look to stock up on their cashew supplies just before the start of the festive season, to take advantage of the rise in demand.

Why Is SCashews One Of The Most Sought-After Benin Raw Cashew Nuts Suppliers?

SCashews is one of the most respected and well-recognized Benin cashew raw nut suppliers in the business, with a long-standing presence in India. We are the best because of the following distinct advantages which you would not find in other cashew dealers in the country.

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SCashews Distinct Advantages

Beninese Cashews Are Increasingly Gaining Popularity Because Of The Following:

There are around 20 cashew producing ‘Origins’ in the world. Origins are pure strains of the cashew seeds, which are sown and harvested. Since the base input is pure and authentic, the finished product carries all the original seed's best qualities. To offer exceptional, high-grade Raw Cashew Nuts, we at SCashews, have limited our direct procurement to a select few ‘Master Origins’. The quality of Raw Cashew Nuts (RCN) determines the quality of Cashew Kernels. Our trained and experienced procurement team works with growers and aggregators to source the finest quality raw and processed Benin cashew nuts.
Our strengths and competitive edge in shipping and in-land logistics ensure dependable and timely delivery of both raw and processed cashew nuts, to our clientele, making us one of the most desirable Benin raw cashew nuts suppliers in the globe, today. Our business model's distinctive feature is value addition at every stage of the cashew value chain, particularly in
  • processing,
  • storage, and
  • transport.
We excel at efficiently transporting raw and processed cashew consignments safely, between continents and across countries. Using an integrated transport and logistics model, we cover the entire supply chain from transporting raw cashew nuts from up-country farms in Benin to distributing processed cashew nuts to our retailers spread worldwide.
Proper storage and transportation have a telling effect on the quality of the processed cashew nuts as they affect the size, taste, and color of the finished product. Our storage and processing facilities are widespread, giving us complete control of the raw cashew stock and mitigating all potential risks in the value chain.
The cashews we procure at SCashews look so different from nuts sourced from other parts of the globe because of their flavor, size, and looks. The unique, toxin-free processing techniques we employ are what make our processed cashews a significantly tastier product. SCashew nuts get their taste from the steam roasting, enhancing the cashew nut's natural flavor.
Our cashews are packed with just the right moisture content, done by either humidification or drying processes. These packages are then fumigated to prevent the entry of pests and pathogenic organisms. Finally, we vacuum pack all the consignments of cashew kernels in tins of 10 kg each. To strengthen their shelf life, we subject these packages to a blend of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. At SCashews, our packaging protocols comply with all International Food & Safety Regulations.
We either have ownerships or active engagements in all stages of the Cashew value chain starting from procurement and processing to the distribution of superior quality cashew kernels to over several hundreds of our valued retail customers spread across India. Our long-standing experience in the cashew import and export business enables us to provide our diverse clientele with the finest quality, fully traceable Beninese cashew nuts (both RCNs and processed cashews), at highly competitive prices.

The Best Benin Cashew Prices 2023

The price of Beninese cashew nuts has been affected by COVID, but will only go up as more economies begin opening up. Benin cashew prices 2023 for both RCNs and processed cashew nuts are headed northwards. Managing these price fluctuations, SCashews’ offers unmatched prices for our retailers in India and abroad. Our prices will add economic value to you as a retailer through our quality, cost, and just-in-time deliveries.

best benin cashew prices 2023

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